Shockingly bad New Zealand statistics



New Zealand has the highest cannabis use per person in the world. (source)
22% of New Zealanders have used cannabis.


New Zealand has the 3rd highest amphetamine use in the world. (source)
Amphetamines are drugs that mimic the effect that adrenalin has on the body. They are known as uppers, bennies, beans, speed, and crank. Amphetamines vary in appearance, from white pills to powder or crystals. This drug can be ingested orally, injected, sniffed, or smoked.


New Zealand has the second highest number of McDonalds restaurants per person in the world. (source)


and is the third fattest OECD country.
(source1) (source2)


New Zealanders consume more KFC chicken per person than residents of any other country. (source)


and it has the world's highest rate of campylobacter food poisoning. (source)
New Zealand has two to three times the reported rate of any other developed country


New Zealand has the highest melanoma rate in the world.
80% of new cancers diagnosed in New Zealand are skin cancers.


New Zealand has the 3rd highest car crash death rate in the world. (source)
after the United States and Belgium


New Zealand has the 3rd highest rate of child maltreatment deaths in the world. (source)
after Mexico and the United States
  Mental Health


NZ has the highest rate of suicide in the world for ages 15 to 24 years old. (source)
And the 2nd highest suicide rate in the world for ages 25-34. (source) New Zealand is one of a small number of countries which have higher suicide death rates at younger ages than at older ages.


Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs is only legal in 2 developed countries: New Zealand and the US. (source) (source)


10% of kiwis take anti-depressants (source)


has the third highest rate of threatened bird species (33% of all bird species in New Zealand are threatened) (source)


has the fifth highest ecological footprint per person in the world (source)
Ecological footprint measures resource usage versus the renewable capacity of nature. The 5 worst countries for ecological footprint (out of 141 countries) are United Arab Emirates, the US, Kuwait, Denmark and New Zealand.


has the fourth highest trash rate in the world (municipal waste per person) (source)
The world's 5 worst countries for municipal waste per person are the United States, Australia, Iceland, New Zealand and Norway.


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