Gangsters Like the Finer Things in Life: “A bit of dope and the odd ho”

The Sunday Star Times, a national newspaper, published a jokey article that seemed to glorify a convicted gangster and drug baron.

Astonishingly, they put this caption under his photo:

This is not a man who was a bit naughty one weekend. He was the head of a gang that sold $35,000 of drugs every week. The head of a gang that manufactured and sold crystal methamphetamine, an extremely addictive and destructive drug that's a huge problem in New Zealand.

Crystal meth (known as P in New Zealand) has enormous social, economic and even environmental consequences.

A United Nations global survey into meth ranked New Zealand as having the 3rd highest meth usage in the world. (1st was Thailand, 2nd was Australia)

When the Sunday Star Times published their jokey article about a convicted gangster and drug baron I doubt any meth users were laughing:

In New Zealand methamphetamine is most commonly known as P but other names include crank, crystal, crystal meth, christina, go-fast, glass, ice, meth, pure, tina and yaba. The nickname "P" is unique to New Zealand.


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