Long Haul Flight Tips

Long haul flying can be a physical endurance challenge. Sitting in a chair watching films for 9 hours isn't quite the same as climbing K2, but long haul flying is tough on your body.

You're in a cramped seat, breathing low-oxygen, low-humidity, recycled air in a noisy environment, surrounded by hundreds of other people and their germs.

1Fly at night

Here's an awesome tip for making your long haul flights much more comfortable and enjoyable: Fly at night. This simple tip from a friend of mine (thanks Kath), has improved my flying experience enormously. Even more than trying different seats and different airlines.

I used to think it'd be best to fly during the day, because that way you avoided the torture of trying to sleep in an airline seat. But the opposite is true - flying at night is much more relaxing. And here's why:

The cabin is pleasantly dark

Flying above the clouds during the day is beautiful but after ten minutes, you start feeling like an ant on a lightbulb. After a few hours squinting into super-bright sunlight, your eyes turn into fried eggs and your brain hurts. It's much easier to relax in a pleasantly dark cabin.

It's quieter

You've still got the roar of the jet engines, but you've got much less noise from the other passengers. The engine noise is pretty loud, but atleast it's a constant noise, which you get used to.

People are moving about less

There's nothing quite as excruciating as eventually nodding off to sleep on a plane and being rudely awakened by some ****** bumping into you. When you fly at night, that's just a wee bit less likely.

Bizarrely, you can fly from the UK to NZ on 2 back-to-back night flights (and you can fly back-to-back from NZ to the UK on a day flight followed by a night flight).

2In the week before you fly, be kind to your body

Get some fresh air, exercise, sunshine and spend a bit less time sitting down (in front of computers and television, and on car journeys).

3Pack the right hand luggage

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