Funny, Strange and Bizarre Images of New Zealand

Time and time again, I'm weirded out by things I see in New Zealand. What do you think?

Car bumpers are optional

Just glue the licence plate onto the chassis.

Bumpers and licence plates are optional

But tie down the bonnet/hood to be safe.

Actually, everything is optional!

No windscreen, no windows, no bumpers, no door mirrors, no rear view mirror and no wipers.

It might be a wee bit dangerous but it's great for fuel consumption.

Gotta flash car? Get a licence plate that reminds people it's a flash car

Just in Christchurch, I've seen a BMW car with a “BMW” plate, a Mercedes with a “MERC” plate and this Lotus with a “LOTUS” plate. We can see it's a Lotus. It says Lotus on the front. It says Lotus on both sides. And it says Lotus on the back. Does it really need a “LOTUS” licence plate?

A tree of friendship is a beautiful thing

The Domain, Auckland

Kids dress up as violent white supremacists

Adults dress up as “terrorists”

Don't cheat on kiwi girls

Or they might start a new business called "2 Hits For $1"

Want to educate your sheep?

New Zealand has some of the best-educated sheep in the world

Christmas is the season of peace and goodwill. And Christmas trees made with guns.

BLT = bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich
Or BLT = funeral director

The buses of Christchurch are plastered with BLT adverts. I see one and think, hmmm, I quite fancy a bacon sandwich. Then I realise what I'm looking at. Meaty snack from a morgue, anyone? They could change their ad to this:

Suicidal? Well sod off!

Got asthma?

Inhale two puffs in the rectum

Looking for gay play?

Fine Art?

Expressionist painting in Sumner, Christchurch

If you're into something, tell the world!

And if you don't like another brand of car, tell the world!

Signs are pretty casual

And signs aren't necessarily tactful

I nearly fell off my bike when I saw this. Did the pet owner really have to seeing their adorable little Mittens described as road kill? And is that supposed to be their little Mittens crying, because she was run over by a car?

How do you do this to a car? Really, how?

Real men don't just drink til they spew
They drink til they spew internal organs

Are you a sexual predator?
Want to shag hitchhikers?

Drive bling bling, get bang bang

Perhaps you need therapy?

Lose weight, confidence and motivation

Perhaps you need a pet?

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